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Heather Snipper has been my financial advisor since early in 2003 and has been doing a great job for me. Anyone can make money in good times (and she has), but what has been reassuring for me is that in bad times, as at present, my investments have been holding steady compared to market and even inching up.

I chose Heather to be my financial advisor (and my Mother's) after being very dissatisfied with the services and advice provided by the traditional brokerage services and banks that we were using.

Before switching to Heather, I checked out the financial planning services available through trust companies and another larger, but independent, financial advisor service. I chose Heather because I found her practical and caring. She was genuinely interested in my financial plan and aspirations, and I felt she would help me achieve them.

With the larger firms, I felt my investments would have been cookie-cuttered and, based on experience, I knew that they would be pushing THEIR products and that any transactions I initiated (like withdrawing money) would be resisted and take a long time. I was also concerned that my portfolio would be too small to get real attention and did not like the notion that my fees would be paying for their lavish offices.

As for the other smaller firm I looked at, I felt they were in it for the short term (in fact they are no longer in business) and overselling themselves with gee-whiz technology and presentations. I felt they were not interested in the individual investor or the long term view.

My expectations for Heather were well-founded. I have received hands-on care and personal attention. Heather is always available to offer advice and information, including regular portfolio reports. She has given me wise counsel with respect to (for example) estate management and RRSP's. Most importantly, I have achieved my financial plan and sleep well at night!

P.S. One unexpected bonus is that Heather has a network of specialists that have been available to provide me expert legal, tax and accounting advice. These are also 'independents' and share her values.

R.B., Ottawa

We have been clients of Heather Snipper and Snipper Financial Planning for 16 years. In 1992 Heather consolidated our personal savings and pension funds (RRSP and DPSP) into a highly diversified self-directed portflio which significantly increased our net worth towards retirement, all within our stated volatility and risk factor criteria. This portfolio was then seamlessly converted in the necessary LRIF and RRIF funds which have continued to increase in value, while also providing us with a significant retirement income since 1997. Working with us to provide advice, adjustments, and minor "tweaking" of the overall portfolio has been the ongoing strategy of Heather to react to and take advantage of changes in market trends. We have found Heather and her staff to be unfailingly friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional in all our dealings. We have and will continue to have complete confidence in the ability of Heather Snipper and Snipper Financial Planning to provide us with sound, knowledgeable and professional advice and service.

R. & E., Ottawa

My professional association with Snipper Financial Planning began in 1989. Since then, many financial changes that, at times, were difficult to keep up with and understand were professionally dealt with by Heather. The portfolio we built has made my financial environment secure and will definitaly help in my upcoming life called retirement.

Thanks to Heather's professional knowledge, which covers all aspects of financial planning, my dreams will now become reality.

Thanks again,

Pierre Breton

I believe that financial planning is a must if one wishes to achieve financial independence.

Due to Heather's expertise, this has permitted me to build a nest egg which helped me to accomplish early retirement. It is without a doubt that without her help, I could not have been so successful at planning my financial future.

Heather is professional and has a vast knowledge of the financial world. She is very approachable and does not hesitate to explain in simple terms to help me understand my investments.

I do not hesitate in any way to recommend her as a financial planner.

Thank you for all your help throughout the years.

Sylvie Tessier

Working with Heather has changed my life. It sounds like a little cheesy, but it's the truth. When I came in to see her for the first time, I felt utterly and completely alone. I was overwhelmed by debts, and not in control of my financial life. Heather has given me the tools and the confidence to take control. She has stuck by me through thick and thin. I have a relationship with her, and I can count on her to listen to me and to give me the best advice. She has my interests at heart. I always thought that you had to be in great "financial health" to see a financial planner. Heather has taught me that a great financial planner can work with you to get you to a healthy place in your financial life. Thanks to Heather, I am now saving money and investing in my future, instead of drowning in debt. It is such a comfort and a relief to know that she is there to support me. I no longer feel like my finances are a heavy burden for me to carry all on my own. I'm so grateful to Heather for the important role she continues to play in my life!

Jessica Harrington